Presentations Receive Enthusiastic Response

from Industry Professionals

December 2017 Energy-efficient transport solutions, concepts, services and digitalization are becoming increasingly important for conveyor belt system operators. The team from the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group has already presented its products and services twice before at industry conferences in Russia.

The third professional conference it attended was organized by the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) – one of the ten largest coal companies globally – in Krasnoyarsk with the strapline “Mining in the 21st Century.” It was dedicated to the development and introduction of new cost-efficient technologies in the fields of mining, transportation and environmental protection. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group – the only conveyor belt manufacturer in attendance at conference with own exhibition booth and specialists – presented its energy-optimized conveyor belts, belt monitoring and data processing systems for long-distance transport. ContiTech experts Dr. Andrey Minkin and Polina Kuznetsova demonstrated the belts’ efficiency from both a technical and CAPEX/OPEX perspective with a number of interesting application examples with help of ContTech-belts from the world practice.

New service offerings presented

Not only did the team have a booth at the Minex Russia Forum in Moscow, but it also put intelligent solutions for conveyor belts in the mining industry on the agenda in a masterclass workshop. At the conference, ContiTech experts presented the company’s pioneering technologies for monitoring, automating and processing conveyor belt system data. “Belt inspection and monitoring systems enable 24-hour control, and regular conveyor belt scans using mobile devices like CONTI® CordInspect can be booked as an additional service,” explained Neumann.

In addition to new technologies and on-site support, ContiTech is expanding its online service further. For this reason, ContiTech is increasingly focusing on digital tools, such as the new Conti+ online platform. Customers, sales partners and service employees can use the platform to quickly obtain information about the company’s conveyor belt systems. At present, 1,700 conveyor systems have already been registered, which are regularly monitored by maintenance programs. Information about the respective conveyor belt is recorded right from the start to gain a complete picture about its condition. The program can then use the stored data to recommend when a belt should be replaced. This makes it easier for users to plan maintenance intervals and also means that the service life of the conveyor belt can be fully exploited – providing a crucial economic advantage.

Presentations Receive Enthusiastic Response from Industry Professionals

Reported about intelligent monitoring systems: Thomas Neumann.

Presentations Receive Enthusiastic Response from Industry Professionals

Interested in new cost-efficient technologies: Polina Kuznetsova pictured with SUEK engineers.

Presentations Receive Enthusiastic Response from Industry Professionals

Industry professionals from the Minex Russia Forum putting questions to Polina Kuznetsova and Dr. Andrey Minkin.