Conveyor Belt Systems

Conveyor Belt Systems

ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group

Backed by outstanding conveyor belt technology and expertise, ContiTech can be found wherever raw materials are extracted, processed and distributed. Making materials available in an as environmentally sound manner as possible presents a technological challenge, time and time again, since raw material belts are scattered throughout the world. They are found in rough topographic areas, above and below ground.

Belt Academy

Belt Academy – Conveyor Belt Group

These practical seminars will help miners to enhance their knowledge and skills which, in turn, will help them to work more effectively and safely.

Excellent Solution for Tubular Conveyors

Conti® MEGAPIPE – Excellent Solution for Tubular Conveyors

The tubular conveyor belts are an innovative solution developed by ContiTech and have been used...

SICON® – Flexible Continuous Transportation of Bulk Materials Along the Route


The SICON® conveyor belts consist of a belt with a "drop shape" made of ultra-elastic rubber.

Steeply Inclined and Vertical Continuous Transportation for the Mining Industry

POCKETLIFT® – High-Productivity Vertical Transportation Conveyor

The latest milestone in the field of steeply inclined and vertical transportation of bulk materials is POCKETLIFT®.

Transportation for the Mining Industry

Transportation for the Mining Industry

Transportation technologies are becoming more and more important each year to the success and competitiveness of mining companies.